GPS hardware and software

SuccorfishM2M is the partner of choice for intelligent, fit for purpose, hardware, software and data communication systems that deliver real time connectivity to mobile assets operating in the world’s most extreme environments.

The award winning company has become a leader of global innovation through the design, development and manufacture of next generation, machine-to-machine (M2M), tracking and data transfer solutions for land, marine and tactical assets, and personnel applications.



Providing total accountability, constant connectivity and the ultimate location, safety and rescue communication system for personnel and lone operatives working in extreme, dangerous and demanding global environments.


Innovative, multi-functional and fully integrated, hardware, software and data communication solutions provide remote and real time control over any mobile land asset worldwide.


Designed to withstand the most dangerous global terrain, SuccorfishM2M products provide superior, pole-to-pole tracking, communication and safety solutions for assets and personnel in covert, strategic or critical operations.


The most advanced, industry-developed, marine management solutions for global maritime industries including commercial fisheries, Government agencies, marine planning authorities, oil & gas, science & conservation and offshore renewable applications.

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Pole-to-Pole Connectivity

Pole-to-Pole Connectivity

SuccorfishM2M products incorporate the world’s most advanced and cutting edge technology including Iridium satellite constellations, GPRS/GSM cellular networks, automatic identification systems (AIS), 121-406 COSPAS SARSAT emergency networks, advanced Bluetooth software and MESH audio systems, to deliver truly global asset connectivity to within two metres, regardless of application.

Next Generation Software

Next Generation Software

Remotely manage, map and control all mobile assets in real time and to within two metres worldwide via a mobile, desktop, tablet or app. Innovative SuccorfishM2M software and an accompanying app. have been specifically designed and developed to meet the growing needs of industry and provide instant access to accurate, high worth asset data from any location.

Total Hardware Solutions

Total Hardware Solutions

Minimise risk, maximise control and maintain complete operational awareness of any land, marine, tactical or personnel asset with fully integrated, fit for purpose, turn key solutions designed to withstand the most challenging operations.

  • The first thing I do every day is log onto the SuccorfishM2M system. It tells me everything I need to know about the boat, how well it is operating and more...”
    Jimmy BuchanFisherman and star of hit TV programme, Trawlermen.