Succorfish Technologies, the next generation in asset tracking and monitoring

Over the last decade, Succorfish has built a global reputation for the design, manufacture and delivery of integrated tracking, monitoring and data communications systems. As an award-winning IoT technology company we’re proud to have customers across a range of sectors and territories, supplying innovative solutions to organisations that are often working under the highest pressure and in the most inhospitable conditions.

From the Arabian Desert to the Antarctic Ocean, our technologies are proven to be reliable, robust and effective in extreme environments where failure is not an option and mistakes can mean the difference between life and death. Having worked with Government organisations, NGOs and commercial enterprises, our knowledge and experience is unrivalled in our field. We understand what it takes to scope, design and deliver bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions across an array of applications.

We offer superior connectivity though a combination of Iridium Satellite, 5G LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, local RF radio and sub-sea acoustic communications. We guarantee secure, encrypted, resilient communications anytime and anywhere. Our solutions provide our customers with complete operational and situational awareness.

As our reach and remit within the fast-moving global communications industry grows, we continue to develop our range of cutting-edge products, apps, systems and services. And we are committed to investing in the research and development of wireless technologies and communications solutions to ensure that our clients always remain one step ahead.

Flexibility and scalability lies at the heart of what we do. Our technologies are multi-faceted, readily deployable and easily integrated into existing client software systems.

Information. Insight. Anywhere.


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