drive, knowledge and vision

Succorfish deliver the most comprehensive, next generation, monitoring and data transfer solutions for land, marine, tactical assets and personnel applications.

The philosophy of our business is to work with our customers to deliver a solution for the long term. Our unique and easy-to use ‘fit and forget’ tracking systems are preferred by industry experts and private customers and include cutting edge GPS/satellite technology that accurately locates mobile assets to within two meters anywhere in the world.

The company is at the forefront of its industry and works with (and employs) forward thinking, driven individuals who deliver the highest standards through effective leadership, design expertise and strategic growth.

Succorfish US Office, Carlsbad, California

(4,000sqft, production facility)

Succorfish UK Office, The Barrack Building, North Shields


Succorfish IN Office, Mysore, India

Embedded Design Office

Design Services

From technical concept and initial design through to development, mass production and delivery, our professional, in-house, project management and product R&D team works in partnership with global clients to bring inventory hardware, software and M2M concepts to life.

We drive innovation and offer an unrivalled level of technical expertise to clients wishing to access next generation engineering design, superior product development, rigorous testing techniques and a reliable manufacturing capability.

SuccorfishM2M undertakes all or part of the product development process and works within your specifications to design, create and manufacture innovative, technology-led M2M and wireless communication solutions ready for market.


SuccorfishM2M manufactures highly successful, industry-led products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) at our state of the art, US-based production facility. Our bespoke, added value services include product design & innovation, test engineering, advanced manufacturing, materials management, product diagnostics, product repair, product integration and assembly and total system fulfilment.

We integrate each individual M2M component into advanced level system assemblies and provide a total solution to clients wishing to access an advanced production facility. We also provide equipment set-up, automated and complex assemblies as well as low to high volume manufacturing requirements

Customer Support

SuccorfishM2M is a one-stop facility for M2M hardware, software and data communication solutions. Our in-house team of world leading designers, highly skilled engineers, industry professionals, technical and customer support administrators ensure clients receive a seamless M2M and data communication solution regardless of industry or application.

Additionally, our associated partners and international distribution channels are at the forefront of their own respective industries. All have been individually specified by SuccorfishM2M to provide a superior, world class product