Asset Tracking Platform

Integrating specialist web-based software and intelligent communication tools, SuccorfishM2M’s online asset tracking platform provides instant access to real time, high worth activity data from one central hub.

SuccorfishM2M’s asset tracking platform is a complete SaaS solution that allows clients to accurately monitor and communicate with all mobile assets from one central online hub. Whether operating a single device or multiple assets worldwide, it provides an all encompassing, asset tracking system and two way channel of communication from which to record, analyse and export real time, high worth activity data from land, marine, tactical and personnel assets. multiitem-GUI-2

Intuitive software is fully integrated with SuccorfishM2M hardware products and can be accessed from all major web browsers. Data is streamed back to any PC, desktop or mobile device using a secure, password protected login and this can be accessed at any time and anywhere by allocated users.




Our GUI (graphical user interface) is a web-based management solution that enables clients to control all mobile assets, visualise high worth status data and streamline administer devices from one point of source. Advanced features include:


Real Time Asset Monitoring

The GUI’s asset tracking platform provides the correct facilities required for total situational awareness and superior logistical control over mobile assets anywhere on Earth. succorfish_marine-trackingIt communicates the most accurate, global tracking data in real time and to within two metres worldwide including:

  • current asset position
  • longitude/latitude
  • last transmission date
  • historical route maps
  • asset speed
  • security status
  • client specific data
  • alert notifications

Statistical data is securely stored and can be collated to suit an organisation’s bespoke requirements. This provides a highly efficient means of managing mobile assets in the field. The GUI also allows clients to grant specific permissions to allocated users from total platform access to view only capability.




Geofence Capability

Highly accurate, pre-set features like geofencing allow users to customise and predetermine an asset’s route, speed and destination prior to departure. This superior level of remote control is an essential tool for monitoring high worth assets, improving efficiency and optimising security and allows clients to put in place operational boundaries or no-go areas. When a geofence is breached, an instant alert is multiitem-geofence2transmitted back to the client via SMS or email allowing communication to be made with the asset or swift recovery procedures to be deployed.  






Man-Down/SOS Communication

Once activated on SuccorfishM2M SC3 and SC4 hardware products, a unique yet simple to use, emergency SOS or man down alert is instantly transmitted back to base via a pre-programmed network of contacts. This allows asset managers or control room personnel located anywhere in the world to succorfishm2m_sos_sc4deploy a proactive and immediate asset recovery strategy. As the SC4 is a worn device, the real time movement of the asset/casualty is tracked (NOT JUST THE LOCATION OF ACTIVATION) allowing 100% accurate monitoring on screen until rescue.



Secure Communication Platform

SuccorfishM2M products incorporate the world’s most advanced and cutting edge technology including Iridium satellite constellations, GPS/GPRS/GSM cellular networks, automatic identification systems (AIS), 121-406 COSPAS SARSAT emergency networks, advanced Bluetooth software and MESH audio systems. This delivers truly global asset connectivity to within two metres. GUI software allows users to truly communicate with assets and send data over Iridium satellite or GSM, access historical data, export statistics in csv format and send/receive secure SMS/email communication. This is an essential function to ensure superior remote asset control and awareness.



Alert Notifications

Alert functions ranging from low battery power and geofence breach to critical SOS emergencies can be tailored within the GUI management system. Such notifications are pre-programmed and sent to allocated personnel or third parties via instant SMS or email.

Our Software In Action