At Succorfish, we’re proud to announce the successful trial of our revolutionary underwater acoustic location device, MyGearTag. This innovative technology is set to transform the fishing industry by helping vessels recover lost nets, pots, and traps, which are currently one of the largest sources of ocean pollution.

The MyGearTag Advantage

The MyGearTag system represents a significant leap forward in marine technology. It allows fishing vessels to detect lost nets at a range of up to three kilometres, providing a crucial opportunity to recover equipment before it causes further damage to marine habitats and wildlife.

Key features of MyGearTag include:

Eco-Friendly Design: With a protective exterior made from recycled fishing nets, MyGearTag is built with sustainability in mind. The device weighs just 500 grams, making it easy to deploy and use.
Advanced Modem Technology: The four-centimetre diameter modem emits a regular pulse that is picked up by an app-based directional tool, enabling owners to quickly locate their missing equipment.
Wide Detection Range: Capable of detecting lost gear over a wide area, MyGearTag significantly reduces the cost and environmental impact of lost fishing gear.

Tackling Ocean PollutionMyGearTag is protective casing

Currently, an estimated 46% of the plastic in the world’s oceans comes from lost or discarded fishing gear, contributing to the approximately 13,000 pieces of plastic litter per square kilometre of ocean. The financial cost to the fishing industry is also staggering, with between half a million and one million tonnes of fishing gear lost at sea annually, amounting to around $2.6 billion.

MyGearTag offers a practical solution to this pervasive issue, helping to recover lost gear and prevent further environmental damage.

Successful Trials and Future Deployment

Our technology has been developed in partnership with Newcastle University’s Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and the pan-European NETTAG+ project. Following successful trials in the North Sea and the Arabian Sea on Newcastle University’s Research Vessel Princess Royal, we’re now finalizing distribution and reseller agreements globally.

Chad Hooper, founder and CEO at Succorfish, highlighted the critical need for this technology: “Fishing equipment can be lost for any number of reasons, such as bad weather or being accidentally dragged away by other boats’ gear. Unless its owners know where it’s gone, it can be almost impossible to find it again. MyGearTag allows for lost fishing nets, pots, and traps to be quickly located over a wide area, thus avoiding the substantial cost of replacing them and reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans.”

A Step Towards Sustainable Fishing

Regulatory pressures are increasing on the fishing industry to monitor activities and mitigate the impact of ‘ghost nets’. MyGearTag is not only designed to help meet these regulatory requirements but also to enhance the overall sustainability of fishing operations. Its low-level noise emissions are specifically designed to minimize any impact on the underwater environment, and our partnership with the Ocean Material Group ensures that the casing is made from recycled fishing nets, adding an extra layer of environmental responsibility.

Neil Armstrong, master of the Research Vessel Princess Royal, shared his positive experience: “The MyGearTag kit confirmed that our equipment was still where it should be, despite having been unable to grapple it after previously sweeping the area. With the precise location plotted, I was able to confidently target the location directly and picked up the lost gear within a couple of minutes on the first sweep.”

Join Us in Protecting Our Oceans

At Succorfish, we’re dedicated to driving innovation that not only supports the fishing industry but also contributes to the health and sustainability of our oceans. MyGearTag is a testament to our commitment to creating technology that makes a real difference.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to roll out this groundbreaking technology across the globe.

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