Succorfish M2M Announce Global Alliance with Frankentek Inc

Succorfish M2M Announce Global Alliance with Frankentek Inc
November 2, 2016 SuccorfishM2M
Frankentek Superyacht Security Systems

Succorfish M2M, a highly specialised manufacturer of industry leading asset monitoring solutions in the UK, have announced a major global alliance with Frankentek Inc, an international super yacht security company. The announcement strategically positions the companies at the heart of the super yacht security sector. With both companies addressing the growing demand for cost effective, innovative security of sea asset-monitoring systems.

The alliance has been formed not only based on the complementary nature of the technologies, but also the culture fit between the two companies. Cultures that nurture innovation and new ideas whilst being able to actualise the vision and simply apply for their customers.

Richard Hooper, CEO at Succorfish M2M, said: “We are delighted to form an alliance with Frankentek. The relationship will see Succorfish deliver our in-depth marine asset logistics technologies and Frankentek providing its extensive professional security maritime services. The outcome of the alliance will allow the convergence of ideologies and technologies to benefit the strategic business positioning of both businesses – Asset Security At Sea.”

Peter Johnson, Succorfish M2M’s Special Projects Director, said: “Both companies’ solutions are engineered to guard against today’s rapidly changing asset threats. Our combined mission will be to demonstrate how personnel and infrastructure security can no longer be viewed by maritime operations as a strain on resources but rather an enabler for efficiencies to the core business process. This will set the alliance apart from the competition.”

Marc Franken, President of Frankentek inc., said: “This is a strong bond between two industry leading businesses, both understanding effective maritime safety and security. Together we have developed new solutions based on agility and innovation through real world experience.”

Michael Pavluk, Frankentek’s VP of Operations, stated: “This alliance provides a new dimension to super yacht security, especially for surface perimeter and sub-sea assets which operate beyond the guardrail.  Integrating our system’stechnologies further enhances security by verifying potential threats to an asset as fast as possible.”

The companies have been working together for several months on planning the dynamics of the alliance, new product development and processes. Succorfish M2M and Frankentek have announced this alliance before the coming Fort Lauderdale boat show where they will be available to discuss.


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