Realtime Connectivity

Global logistics security and realtime supply chain visibility.

Succorfish has been involved in developing several container and cargo tracking solutions and are in the process of consulting and implementing such solutions in several regions around the world. In developing these solutions, Succorfish has considered a number of common scenarios in the movement of cargo:

• That cargo maybe import or export bound
• That cargo maybe containerised, bulk or palleted
• The vehicle carrying the container or cargo will often belong to a third

Benefits of Succorfish IoT Logistics Technology

Companies offer different kinds of equipment for container tracking. We ensure every customer get a device what fit their needs (which information they want to know). Governments – these customers mainly use the most integrated systems. These include RFID networks at port terminals combined with container mounted tracking devices and sensors. Logistics service providers and Beneficial Cargo Owners – these customers want a self contained, ‘easy on – easy off’ devices that can be fixed to the container. Some of these customers do not want to open the container door after they have been sealed, so we supply devices that are fitted to the outside of the container.

The main benefits are:

1. Security of container doors. The ability have immediate alerts of unauthorized door opening sent to the manager of the container movement operation. This information can also be stored on the device itself for analysis later if a realtime data channel isn’t available.

2. Tracking. Customer can use the realtime location information to generate a wealth of management information.

3. Container Monitoring. We supply devices that include a number of telemetry sensors that can detect light entering into the container – useful if the container is being sabotaged; temperature monitoring – useful for reefer type containers, and also an accelerometer to report if the container has been dropped.

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