Smarter Devices

Advanced communication techniques & for tactical defense.

Military organisations require dependable communications for reliable remote asset tracking of personnel and mission-critical resources, in and out of cellular coverage and sometimes in hostile environments.

Succorfish is a trusted government provider of vital communications solutions linking key people, vehicles, vessels and equipment regardless of location. Our cellular, satellite and dual-mode devices and applications allows you to track mobile and fixed remote resources in some of the most remote corners of the globe.

Reliably Track Remote Assets & Personnel

Reduce costs, improve preventative maintenance and optimize utilization by remotely monitoring generators and other powered or unpowered assets.

Communicate with field personnel in dangerous or remote regions and ensure safety. Coordinate the location of friendly units for full situational awareness.

Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Secure supply chain by tracking trailers, containers, railcars and ensuring cargo security domestically and internationally.

Ensure that supplies arrive on time and enhance border security when moving assets in and out of conflict zones.

Enable Easy Maritime Identification

Use satellite data to monitor maritime vessels well beyond coastal regions in near-real-time and cost-effectively.

Accurately track vessel position enabling port authorities and government agencies to help prevent environmental disasters, ensure maritime safety and improve emergency response.