IVMS Package

Apps & Software

IVMS Package


£850 + VAT

  • SC2 Device (Made in the UK)
  • Free 3 year warranty
  • Free 3 year airtime
  • Free Installation
  • Free access to Succorfish App and software
  • Free delivery
  • Free bracket & cable
  • Alfatronix mains power regulator – inclusive
  • Removal & disposal of Maritime Systems MS44 Device

Sub Total – £850.00

VAT – £170.00

Please contact accounts@succorfish.com or call +44 191 447 6883 to order your UK IVMS package

Total amount will be refundable through the MMO EMFF I-VMS grant*

*VAT registered customers must claim the VAT back through their VAT return.

Apps & Software

The Succorfish App provides you with operability information about your device and allow you to check its online status before embarking on a fishing trip. It’s great to have that peace of mind knowing that everything is in order before you head out.

Additionally, the software platform offers more advanced features such as geofencing and historical tracking. Geofencing allows you to set virtual boundaries for your device, and you will receive notifications if it moves outside of those boundaries.

Overall, the combination of the Succorfish App and Software Platform offer a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing your fishing vessel, enhancing your fishing experience, and providing valuable insights into your fishing activities.

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