How will I-VMS data benefit fishing activities for the under six metre fleet?

I-VMS data will deliver many benefits to help fisheries management for the under 12 metre fleet. With the under six metre fleet in mind, these could include: 

  • Enable effective management information for smaller fisheries with a high concentration of under six metre vessels to allow for fairer fishing opportunities and protection of those fisheries.
  • Support management measures, including those around monitoring and resolving conflict.
  • Provide consumer confidence by supporting sea to plate traceability.
  • Protect activity in restricted fishing grounds, such as marine protected areas (MPAs), making it fairer for vessels with access to those area who are compliant with restrictions by providing evidence for those that are non-compliant.
  • Data can also be used to support scientific evidence when considering environmental incidents, such as pollution and impact on the fleet.
  • I-VMS data can be used to evidence displacement of usual fishing activity as a result of marine developments e.g. ports and harbours, dredging, wind farms, subsea cables.
  • In an emergency, I-VMS data could help timely search and rescue efforts.

About I-VMS:  

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