What happens if my I-VMS device has a fault – can I go to sea?

Prior to legislation coming into force, there is nothing preventing a fisher from being able to go to sea, unless they are operating in an area that already requires an operating I-VMS device e.g. by IFCA or a devolved administration, such as Wales.

Once the legal requirement comes into force, there will be a requirement to transmit I-VMS data when operating at sea, and fishing with a non-functioning device will be an offence. If a fisher’s device is not operating correctly, then the fisher must contact their device supplier and report the fault for resolution as soon as possible. The fisher must then inform the MMO by emailing  ivms@marinemanagement.org.uk of the fault and the vessel it relates to. 

Further information about the statutory instrument will be provided in due course before it is expected to come into force in 2024.

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