Why is I-VMS being introduced?

  • Vessel monitoring is a tool that will enable a better understanding of scale, location, and seasonality of fishing activity. This additional information combined with other fisheries data will grow our understanding of fishing and will assist in quota negotiations and marine spatial planning as well as allowing us to identify and respond more swiftly to new issues.
  • Data about the location, scale, and seasonality of fishing effort from the majority of English fishers will also provide industry with more powerful information they can use when presenting their case for example in planning consents for marine development, fisheries management, or resolution of gear conflict issues with other marine users.
  • Coupled with the outputs from our fisheries assurance service MMO will also be able to better target our risk-based, intelligence-led assurance and inspections activities. In time, it may enable steps towards a lighter touch for fishers who demonstrate a consistently high level of compliance.
  • It will enable more precise delineation between fishing grounds and protected areas meaning a better balance between keeping fishing grounds open and protecting sensitive marine habitats and species can be established.
  • It will enable improved control of non-English vessels in English waters as the current requirement is for all under-12m vessels to carry a vessel monitoring device.
  • Vessel monitoring could increase safety for smaller vessel operators as it could provide timely and accurate detail to inform search and rescue efforts if necessary.

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