Providing total accountability, constant connectivity and the ultimate safety and rescue system for personnel and lone operatives working in extreme, dangerous and demanding global environments.

icons_0000_PersonnelYour employees are your most valuable assets. The safety of personnel working on the front line, who are exposed to harsh, hazardous or high risk environments, regardless of application, is paramount.

Whether an offshore, oil & gas operative, utilities engineer, ship’s crew or covert ops. personnel,  SuccorfishM2M has designed and developed a new, groundbreaking, location & rescue safety device that revolutionises the personal safety industry. succorfishm2m_sos_sc4
Incorporating dual Iridium satellite and GPS/GPRS/GSM global technology as well as AIS SART, COSPAS-SARSAT 406-121 and ISM band radio, the SC4 provides innovative, real time tracking, positional and constant, two way communication with personnel to within two metres on both land and sea.

The SuccorfishM2M SC4 is portable, easy to deploy and incorporates an intelligent, multi-platform SOS/man overboard alert function that tracks actual casualty movement once activated, and not just the location of activation. This allows organisations to move fast and deploy proactive, life saving rescue strategies within seconds.

Valuable, real time data is streamed back using integrated, next generation software to any desktop, PC or mobile device via a secure, online, graphical user interface (GUI) for accurate asset monitoring. Go to

No other personnel product on the market currently offers this superior level of communication, safety functionality and rescue capability.

Marine personnel enquiries: Tom Rossiter
: or t: +44 (0) 7718 191347

Land & Tactical personnel enquiries: George Henricks: or t: +44 (0) 7545 146343


  • Offshore Renewables
  • Oil & Gas
  • Forestry
  • Engineering
  • Coastguard
  • Transport Networks
  • Tactical Logistics
  • Covert Operations
  • Mining
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Fisheries

SuccorfishM2M Personnel Products

  • "The first thing I do every morning is log onto the SuccorfishM2M system. It tells me everything I need to know about the vessel, how well it is operating and more...”
    Jimmy BuchanCommercial fisherman and star of hit TV programme, Trawlermen.