Extend your remote monitoring in harsh environments

The Resilient SC2 & SC3 devices with global connectivity have Bluetooth connectivity as standard. Succorfish have now developed robust low cost Bluetooth beacons that utilise this connectivity and increase the capacity of your monitoring in remote and harsh environments.

The Bluetooth beacons each have a unique serial number which is read by the devices when within range. The SC2 and SC3 devices forwards the beacons status to the Succorfish database and software every time it changes. This data can then be viewed in near real time and automatic alerts created when the status changes. This technology could be used for monitoring any activity where the beacon will move in and out of range, thus extending the range of your monitoring activity without significantly increasing the costs.

Essential Performance

Key for adaptive fisheries management

The Depth & Temperature Sensor is rated to 300m and employs Bluetooth 4 technology which gives it up to 100m read range and ultra low power

consumption. The sensor also has interchangeable batteries which under normal fishing patterns will power the device for 12 months. The device is

paired with the Bluetooth chip within the vessels iVMS device. A special protective housing with tamper proof features has also been designed to

offer the maximum of protection in what is a very harsh environment. The housing incorporated a fitting for a tamperproof bolt with a unique i.d. number.

The sensor is attached to the fishing gear and deployed. Once in the water the sensor begins to record the depth and temperature at present fixed intervals and each point is time stamped. When the fishing gear is recovered the Bluetooth connection is established between the sensor and our SC2 that gathers the data and is transmitted to the Succorfish servers and is available to view.

Dimensions 11.6cm x 6.6cm x 4.3cm (4.5″ x 2.59″ x 1.69″)
Temperature -40°c to 85°c (-40F to +185F)
Vibration & Shock Milspec 810G/vibration/shock/temperature
Type Exceeds IP67POWER
Battery Internal battery 5,000 mAh
Built-in 5amp control relay
Power indicator LEDPower Consumption:
Transmit GSM/GPS: 200mA
Transmit Iridium: 300mASECURITY
AES 256 encrypted data stream
Advanced anti-jamming suppression
Internal high gain GPS antenna
Rapid time-to-first fix (TTF)
Multi-constellation GNSSCOMMUNICATION
Internal 3G quad band GSM high performance module
Internal Iridium 9603 (SBD) modem
Wifi 802.11
Internal antenna
DOTA firmware link (failsafe protected)MEMORY
Hardware internal geofencing
2GB internal memory
Non-volatile memory storage upto 200,000 reportsSENSORS
Triple axis accelerometer

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