a complete SaaS solution

SuccorfishM2M’s asset tracking platform allows clients to accurately monitor and communicate with all mobile assets from one central online hub.

Whether operating a single device or multiple assets worldwide, it provides an all encompassing, asset tracking system and two way channel of communication from which to record, analyse and export real time, high worth activity data from land, marine, tactical and personnel assets.

Intuitive software is fully integrated with SuccorfishM2M hardware products and can be accessed from all major web browsers. Data is streamed back to any PC, desktop or mobile device using a secure, password protected login and this can be accessed at any time and anywhere by allocated users.





















Real Time Visibility

See your assets real-time location and activity status at all times from any desktop or mobile device.


Alert functions ranging from low battery power and geofence breach to critical SOS emergencies can be tailored within the GUI management system. Such notifications are pre-programmed and sent to allocated personnel or third parties via instant SMS or email.

Data Analysis

Use GPS tracking and machine to machine data to easily identify and track the key performance indicators that matter most to your business.


The ability to define a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. The breaking of a geofence perimeter allows for an alert that indicates that an asset is deviating from a predefined route.

User Administration

Allow your management team to gain mobile workforce intelligence and control what they have access to.

Historic Reporting

All asset information received from devices is stored for retrieval and downloading.


Multiple Devices

Tag, track, locate and receive telemetry from multiple devices and multiple types of succorfish devices.

Email and SMS Alerts

Add multiple recipients to receive SMS or email alerts.

Reporting Suite

Create reports from features and data sets within

Google Earth Integration

Built for fast and responsive display of assets on Google Earth mapping.

Customisable Mapping

Bring your own organisation mapping data and add into your account.

Create Groups

Create groups of devices and allocate specific assets to those groups.

View and Download History

Search for history on single or multiple devices and see it on the map.

Live Tracking

See realtime movement updates from assets and define the ping interval.

Multiple Users

Add additional users to your account and assign specific units or groups to them.

Succorfish API Access

Succorfish provides unified APIs for developers to integrate with their Succorfish devices

Mobile App

Login via your mobile device or tablet and fully interact with your assets.

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