Software as a Service (SaaS)

sophisticated SaaS solutions

In addition to asset tracking capability, Succorfish allows clients to become data efficient and send their data from any location on the globe.

We use our own hardware to forward clients’ data which gets processed and streamed to clients’ own servers within milliseconds

A highly skilled team of in-house software developers and firmware engineers work with clients to ensure the seamless integration of end user, Succorfish communication tools.

We offer:

  1. Complete embedded wireless product design service. Including Antenna support.
  2. Embedded firmware development.
  3. IOS Mobile App Development.
  4. Android Mobile App Development.
  5. Web / Server support services.























Third Party Integration

Our SaaS solution has multiple options available for integration with third party systems. This ranges from API to bespoke integration modules written by our in-house team of professional engineers. Clients can choose whether they want to pull our web service for their own data or require Succorfish to instantly forward data as soon as it arrives.

Embedded systems solutions

We are frequently contracted to implement complex algorithms on embedded targets with strict criteria for performance and timing. Embedded systems are often characterized by limited memory and CPU performance, and may have a requirement for low power consumption. We use various techniques to develop high quality code efficiently in these situations. Succorfish partners with technology leaders worldwide to bring together an ecosystem of highly integrated embedded hardware and software solutions.

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