Innovative Fisheries Tagging Project Gives Welsh Fishermen Accurate Catch Data…

Innovative Fisheries Tagging Project Gives Welsh Fishermen Accurate Catch Data…
May 9, 2016 SuccorfishM2M

Innovative fisheries tagging and catch recording solutions that allow fishermen to accurately submit data as and when activities occur are now being piloted by SuccorfishM2M on behalf of the Welsh Government and the Welsh Fishermen’s Association.

The first bass landed under the pilot in coastal waters off Carmarthen Bay were recorded using SuccorfishM2M tagging equipment and Catch App, a revolutionary online ‘digital diary’, app developed specifically for the global commercial fishing industry to meet a growing need for improved fisheries data collection, catch recording, traceability and sustainable marine management.

The fish, caught by vessel Spring Tide and destined for restaurants in London, were each tagged with individual serial numbers and their precise real time data, including location, species, weight, method, time of capture, size and environment, input into the free-to-download app prior to landing. Submitted instantly taking only minutes to complete, Catch App promotes more efficient practices in local marine management and fisheries sustainability, total consumer traceability and supports the need for fully documented fisheries.

Tom Rossiter, Head of Marine at SuccorfishM2M commented, “The pilot project brings a number of benefits to the fishing industry. Firstly, it provides valuable data to the scientists and managers, and this will be used to guide the sustainable management of the fishery in the future. With each tagged fish comes unparalleled traceability and this information can be accessed at any point in the supply chain including the consumer.

“Finally it is hoped that this innovative approach to fisheries monitoring will improve compliance whilst rewarding the fishermen by creating a brand for their sustainably caught and tagged fish.”

For more details regarding SuccorfishM2M commercial fisheries solutions go to or contact Tom Rossiter, Head of Marine, on t: +44 (0) 7718 191347 or  e:


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