Back in June we announced that Succorfish  was selected as the I-VMS system of choice by 95% of fishermen in the Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (DSIFCA) I-VMS rollout.

We’re even more pleased to reveal that we have now installed a further 30 I-VMS devices aboard vessels along the South and East Irish Coast, cementing our reputation as the go-to technology supplier for fully-documented fisheries.

We were in Ireland as part of a voluntary rollout of I-VMS for boats between 5m and 11.99m on behalf of the Irish Government and Marine Institute.  Although not yet mandatory on Irish fishing vessels, proposals are now well-advanced for I-VMS to be used across all fishing vessels across the EU with plans currently under consultation by the European Union.

The Succorfish team installed I-VMS systems aboard 30 vessels in 3 days along the South and East Irish Coast and utilised the Succorfish Installer app to ensure a smooth installation process.  The app, which can be used on any mobile device, supports the installation engineer to ensure the unit is fitted correctly and eradicate human errors throughout the process.

The engineer, boat owner and the team at Succorfish HQ are alerted to any installation issues and receive confirmation once the I-VMS unit has been installed correctly to automatically validate the unit’s warranty.

With such high demand for I-VMS devices from all corners of the globe at present, Succorfish is the tried and tested partner supporting fishermen to enjoy efficient I-VMS installation with the security of supported technology that works.

Tom Rossiter, head of fisheries at Succorfish commented: “Our quick and successful installation for both the Irish vessels and our current project underway in Devon and Severn shows how Succorfish M2M can offer the full blueprint to IFCAs and other interested parties in I-VMS.

“We are always looking one step ahead to see how we can support fishermen and authorities in this process and we would welcome anyone looking for information on the process of large-scale I-VMS installation programmes to get in touch with our team.”