How Succorfish SC2 is Helping the Fishing Industry

How Succorfish SC2 is Helping the Fishing Industry
September 3, 2017 SuccorfishM2M

Whilst we know that Sucorfish tracking products are the best in class, we love it when our customers are happy and let us know what a difference our products make to their business.

The SC2 has long since been regarded as the ‘fisherman’s friend’; here’s what some of our customers have to say about it.

Nick Prust – Chairman of the South West Inshore Fishermen’s Association.

“The Succorfish iVMS technology answers all the questions and gives the fishing industry a tool to fight back against the green lobby. In Lyme Bay it has allowed my members to gain access to grounds that were previously closed and build up a track record to defend our position. The beauty of the Succorfish system is that the fishermen get access to their own data at no extra cost and this brings safety and other benefits too.”

Jimmy Buchan – Skipper of the Amity

“I have used Succorfish, not because I am legally required to, but because the data from the system helps me market my catch and in this day and age I need to have something which helps me to stand out from the other suppliers in the market.

“Succorfish allows me to show exactly where the prawns were caught. This open approach demonstrates that I have nothing to hide and makes my catch more attractive than some of my competitors.

Aubrey Bainfield – Skipper of the Delta Dawn

“The use of technology to monitor and control fisheries is the future. A robust and tamper proof system such as Succorfish creates a level playing field and that is exactly what every honest fisherman wants to see.

“Succorfish also gives me access to my data and I’m free to use this in any way I chose. This puts me in a much stronger position and allows me to put my case forward when it comes to other industries or sectors wanting to take over my fishing grounds.”

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