Succorfish have announced completion of the I-VMS installation process for the D&SIFCA Pathfinder project to deliver I-VMS technology onboard vessels for Devon and Severn fishermen.

80 vessels have successfully received Succorfish SC2 I-VMS systems with the support of local installation specialists, Tecmarine.  Each vessel was fitted with the SC2 I-VMS by Tecmarine skilled technicians utilising the Installer app, exclusively designed by Succorfish to improve installation efficiency.

In early 2018, vessels in the Devon and Severn district were asked to choose between three suppliers of I-VMS systems as part of the project spearheaded by Common Seas.

Over 95% of fishermen in Devon and Severn chose the Succorfish SC2 I-VMS devices for the government-funded DSIFCA pathfinder project to provide fully-documented fisheries technology for vessels between 6.99m – 11.99m.

The smooth and efficient rollout of I-VMS in the Devon and Severn district has been swiftly followed by a similarly successful voluntary installation programme for 30 vessels across one week on the Irish Coast in July 2018.

Tom Rossiter, head of fisheries at Succorfish comments: “The pathfinder project is a positive example of a private technology firm working with local IFCA’s and marine charities to painlessly provide fishermen with the technology and high quality service they need.

“We have worked in the fisheries and marine sector for over 10 years and understand the intricacies of delivering a project on this scale.  Our main goal has always been to reduce the impact on fishermen and this is applicable both in the immediate installation of the system and longer-term running of the device.

“We provide dedicated ongoing support to all fishermen in addition to remote monitoring of the systems to ensure any issues can be managed quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption to the fishing activities.  We also hold four spare units locally on the ground with Tecmarine for a quick turnaround in the event of any issues arising.”

All fishermen using the Succorfish I-VMS device have login details to access the dedicated software platform where data is stored and visible at any time.  Access and use of the software is free of charge to all fishermen using the Succorfish system.

Gavin Mayhew from D&SIFCA commented: “Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority are very happy to be working with Succorfish.  Their product and support has assisted with securing a successful pilot project of the rollout of Inshore Vessel Monitoring Systems to the Mobile fishing fleet operating within the D&SIFCA district.’

As the go-to technology supplier for fully-documented fisheries, Succorfish received positive reviews from skippers during the process, with Tecmarine working one-on-one with vessels to ensure a quick fitting process for the SC2 I-VMS system.

Terry Smith from Tecmarine commented: “The install process has been smoother than we first imagined and in large part this was through the excellent planning by Common Seas so fishermen knew what to expect. The Succorfish SC2 device is flexible and easy to install and the App allowed our engineers to step off the boat knowing that the job was done.  If there was ever a problem we knew Succorfish would be on the end of the phone, but thankfully there wasn’t any!”

Tom Rossiter continues: “We strive to be the market leader in I-VMS technology but what really sets us apart is the full wraparound service we offer.  There is a reason 95% of Devon and Seven fishermen chose our technology, we offer a quick, efficient installation service in partnership with local suppliers using our own dedicated installer app to create a direct communication platform between the device, vessel and Succorfish.

“Fishery managers are becoming increasingly aware of the need for robust evidence of fishing activity to better support our fishing communities.  With EU plans now well advanced to introduce mandatory fully-documented fisheries for fishing vessels throughout Europe, a number of IFCA’s have taken the lead on the introduction of voluntary programmes to get a head start on legislation in the UK and beyond.  As a result, we are already in talks with a number of different organisations through Europe to showcase how the DSIFCA project delivers a successful blueprint for I-VMS rollout.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Common Seas, Tecmarine, D&SIFCA and of course the fishermen for a positive working partnership during this process.”