Michael Gove MP Visits Succorfish to find Out More about the Role of IVMS in the Future of UK Fishing Industry

Michael Gove MP Visits Succorfish to find Out More about the Role of IVMS in the Future of UK Fishing Industry
August 31, 2017 SuccorfishM2M

It’s not every day that you get to welcome the Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural affairs in to your board room but at Succorfish we did just that.

Michael Gove MP visited Succorfish HQ on North Shields Fish Quay to find out more about our VMS technology and its role in supporting fully documented fishing.

Succorfish technology is increasingly used across global fishing industries, providing fishing boats with valuable data – including current asset position, historical route map, fishing gear operation and catch records – which can be streamed back live to any PC, desktop or mobile device via a secure, tiered password protected, graphical user interface.

With Succorfish providing easy access to such data, it is little wonder that we are making waves within the fishing industry and Michael Gove was keen to find out more about the role technology such as Succorfish and other IVMS can play in the future of the UK fishing industry.

Here are some of the ways Succorfish is providing a boost to the UK fishing industry and supporting fully documented fishing.

Tracking fishing patterns – seeing the patterns of fishing over a season or a number of years can be insightful. In addition for owners who may not be the skipper at sea, it allows them to view the fishing activity of the vessels on a daily basis.

Access to fishing grounds – Almost 12% of the world’s inshore waters have been designated as MPA’s of one form or another. Many of these areas have features which require protection by law from fishing activity. In its crudest sense this means that the areas must be closed to certain or all fishing activity. The truth is many of these areas contain only pockets of the feature requiring protection and with sufficient monitoring the remaining areas can be opened to fishing activity; The Succorfish iVMS systems give the managers the assurances to adopt such an approach.

Inshore Fisheries Management – Succorfish technology can capture information about vessel movements, fishing effort, catch rates and economic costs in an automated and secure manner to help with maritime planning.

Provenance & Traceability – As customers’ expectations increase so too does the demand on suppliers to provide more information on where they catch their fish and provide assurances that they have done so in a sustainable manner. Succorfish technology addresses these issues and can provide an important contribution to for example MSC certification application.

To find out more about how we can help you contact: T: +44 (0) 191 447 6883 E: sales@succorfish.com


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