Our SC2 system is fast being adopted as the go-to device for IVMS in the UK but did you know it also has a global reputation as a leader in inshore vessel monitoring technology?

Succorfish IVMS technology is being deployed in Australia by commercial vessels  fishing for Abalone in the states of Victoria and New South Wales. The market is concentrated on blacklip abalone but greenlip abalone is also targeted in a commercial fishing trade that has become one of Victoria’s most valuable commercial fisheries.  Almost all of the stock is exported to international markets but fishing levels are quota managed to prevent over fishing with an annual stock assessment informing the commercial catch.

The Abalone Fishery Management Plan outlines strict rules for fishing vessels operating in the area, including legal minimum lengths, zoning, limited entry and quotas.  Based on this level of management and the need to show evidence and accountability, IVMS systems can be valuable tools for fishermen in their pursuit of commercial fishing licenses.

We recently issued Abalone fishermen in the state of Victoria in Australia with an additional 25 Succorfish SC2 units.  Once installed, they will be recording IVMS data and tracking the movement of the 25 vessels throughout the waters of Victoria.  They won’t just be using Succorfish SC2 devices, they will also be taking delivery of depth and temperature sensors in the New Year to help the team of fishermen evidence where and when they have been diving for Abalone.

The global reach of Succorfish is no surprise given the strong reputation our technology has amongst fishermen.  We have long considered ourselves a technology team designing products for fishermen, with fishermen and our research and development process takes into account rigorous testing with a team of fishing vessels.

We take the feedback of fishermen using SC2 for IVMS very seriously and have incorporated a number of changes to our device based on direct comments from users. Of particular appeal to the Abalone fishermen is the fact Succorfish provide a cutting edge software platform to allow them to review their data and feed it into the stock assessment process.

As the Abalone fishermen of Australia will soon learn, Succorfish is one of the market leaders in IVMS technology and our strong standing has been earned following years of research and development into the production of devices which can perform in even the most challenging of conditions.