Our marine team had the great pleasure of linking up with Scottish Sea Farms in August to take a tour of their world-class facilities in the Shetlands and explore opportunities to apply our technology in the aquaculture sector.

Scottish Sea Farms are one of the market leaders in aquaculture, producing quality fresh farmed Salmon for the global market since the 1970’s. The fish is reared in fresh Scottish waters under controlled conditions to produce superior Salmon with full traceability and quality control.

Aquaculture has long been an area of the marine and fisheries sector that we have supported. Although the wider farming industry has faced challenges in recent years to maintain standards, Scottish Sea Farms are always looking at ways in which new innovations can develop their farming techniques and improve standards.

Tom Rossiter, head of marine at Succorfish commented: “Aquaculture is a critical pillar of global food security. It has been in the spotlight in recent times and scrutiny often brings about positive change, however my visit has highlighted to me how high the standards are within the business at Scottish Sea Farms and what really impressed me was their desire to drive forward and further improve these very high standards.

“This is a facility benefitting from a team with the highest level of experience and skill. They respect and understand the environment to produce a quality product that meets the growing demand for Salmon in the global marketplace.”

Scottish Sea Farms was one of the first salmon producers to pioneer the use of Ballan wrasse within farms to help combat sea lice. Wrasse are small fish that eat sea lice without harming salmon and offer a biological solution to the well-documented problem of sea lice in fish farms with minimum impact on other marine life.

Reducing environmental impact is a key issue for Scottish Sea Farms and they often ‘rest’ certain areas to give the seabed time to recover for better quality salmon in the long-term.

Tom continued: “We were really quite blown away by the Scottish Sea Farms operation up in the Shetlands and would like to take this opportunity to thank the team for hosting us and giving us such an education into aquaculture

“Given the already high standards of the operation, we are looking forward to working together to help raise standards even further by implementing our monitoring technology and developing site security as part of a planned collaboration with Scottish Sea Farms.”

The collaboration is in the early stages at present with further details to be announced in the coming weeks but for now, watch this space!