The CoMFES (Control Monitoring Fisheries EcoSystem) project is in line with the EC’s standards and objectives as we have achieved a Seal of Excellence (811588) for our previous submission. We have improved our proposal based on the results received with the hope that we would be given the opportunity to demonstrate and present the benefits CoMFES would bring not only to us directly but will also create various opportunities in the fishing industry. 

The aim of the CoMFES project is to develop a new intuitive technology solution that supports an EcoSystem led approach to fisheries management by enabling fishermen to collect accurate and reliable fisheries and environmental related data in an automated and highly efficient form and turning this data into usable information, thus given users a real time picture of what is happening.

CoMFES will offer a solution for the sector that provides an ergonomic, automated and integrated functionality that encompasses the various complex processes of the fishing industry with particular focus on small scale Fisheries. This innovative solution consists of a number of elements that together will provide a complete, end-to-end solution.

The implementation of the EcoSystem will look to provide huge benefits to small scale fisheries, including:

Seamless integration of working practises and reporting functions
A reduction in ‘admin’ hours, providing more time focus on fishing
More efficient and effective sustainability strategies.
Quicker fish to market process, with 100% traceability.
Increases in revenue returns
Improved safety via fully integrated crew safety device

The successful implementation of the CoMFES project will provide the technology necessary for the collection and aggregation of the required data and to render it available through an App and online platform in multiple formats across diverse media thus facilitating the industry in conforming with regulations and demonstrating their commitment to acting as custodians of the seas.