Succorfish Attends US Special Forces Event to Showcase SC4X

Succorfish Attends US Special Forces Event to Showcase SC4X
November 2, 2017 SuccorfishM2M

Succorfish visited Key West, Florida recently to attend the exclusive TE-18 event held by the United States Special Operations Command to showcase and test the capabilities of a new product, SC4X. SC4X is a pioneering subsea communication tool allowing divers to communicate wirelessly with one another to a distance of up to 3km using short burst messaging techniques.

The product has attracted worldwide interest due to a lack of innovation supporting subsea teams with the ability to communicate meaningfully with one another during operations and tactical manoeuvres.

The Succorfish team spent a week in Florida at the SOCOM Technical Experimentation Event (TE-18). Presenting is through formal invitation only by US Special Forces to give representatives the opportunity to review product innovations.

The event, which is held 3-4 times a year, covers different topics depending on perceived gaps in relation to technology or equipment from sectors of the US Special forces. The TE-18 event was focused on combat swimmer, diver and human performance and was a natural fit for showcasing the advancements in subsea communications through SC4X for combat diving teams.

Following the full equipment test in the waters off Key West, FL, Succorfish is now awaiting a report from the team detailing their findings and impressions of the SC4X product.


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