Last week we had the pleasure of attending the Bristol Skipper Expo.  Bristol Skipper is one of the key events in the marine and fisheries calendar and represents one of the few times of the year we’re able to get under the same roof with fishermen, suppliers and official representatives from the marine sector.

Although we were primarily exhibiting this year, for us it was a great opportunity to showcase the I-VMS devices we have installed on upwards of 120 vessels in 2018 alone in support of the move towards fully-documented fisheries.  It also gave us the chance to speak directly with owners of the vessels and answer any questions they might have about the new system we haven’t covered already.

Tecmarine, the official installers of the Succorfish I-VMS system for the successful D&SIFCA project were also in attendance at Bristol Skipper which gave us the chance for a full debrief on the project now that all 80 vessels are up and running with the device.  A job well done by the Tecmarine team who partnered with Succorfish to complete all installs within a tight timeframe.

As the move towards fully-documented fisheries pushes forward and voluntary installation of the devices gathers pace, we have one eye on the future and the other on potential partners and suppliers that fit with the Succorfish team.  Given the wide range of suppliers and potential partners at Bristol Skipper, we were also able to touch base with installers from other areas of the UK who can supply installation services for future I-VMS rollouts.  Mansbright being one such company who will likely work with Succorfish on any future I-VMS projects in the Suffolk and Essex area.

Future collaborations became a key theme of the event for us and we will also be working with Fisherman’s College to supply SC2 units for training vessels in the future.  More info on this in due course.

Thanks to all the suppliers, partners and fishermen we met with over the course of Bristol Skipper – see you next year!